Model – Kshitij Dudhatra

November 2, 2019
Location – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Kshitij Dudhatra

Mother Mother/Arkells

October 26, 2019
Scotiabank Centre
Halifax NS

Mother Mother/Arkells

Halifax Pop Explosion

October 25, 2019
Halifax NS

Ryan Cook & Sunny Acres – Bearly’s House of Blues
Nicolette & the Nobody’s – The Carleton
Caveboy – The Carleton

Halifax Pop Explosion

Friends Don’t let Friends Tour Alone

Thursday night the Scotiabank Center in Halifax was a bustle of entertainment as Dean Brody and Dallas Smith co headlined the Friends Don’t let Friends Tour Alone tour.  

The night was filled with amazing tunes by amazing bands.  Opening up the night was the dynamic duo of Stu and Jenna Walker, also known as The Reklaws!  These two are the epitome of down home Canadian country!  They are such a great, friendly down to earth crew of kids!  With the energy and charismatic smiles, the band started off the night with a high tone and set the bar pretty high for the headliners!

Dean Brody and Dallas Smith hit the stage and the Scotiabank Centre was LIT!  These two have such a great dynamic duo stage presence, it was like they have spent years sharing the stage!  Smiles and laughter from all the members of the enormous backing band, and D&D (Dean and Dallas of course) was absolutely contagious.  All the songs were sung right back to the band, the fans screamed as Dallas and Dean both reached out to the crowd.  

Both lead singers took turns singing hit after hit, and bringing on other musical guests, Chad Brownlee and MacKenzie Porter.

Overall, the night was fun!  The crowd loved the bands and we all highly anticipate another show in the near future from any of these great artists!




TD Halifax Jazz Festival Main Stage had Shad and Common leading the Concert series July 9, 2019. Truly a night to remember.


Model Session – Kshitij Dudhatra

July 6, 2019
Model – Kshitij Dudhatra
South Shore Nova Scotia, various locations

Model – Kshitij Dudhatra

Ryan Cook and Sunny Acres

July 2, I joined Ryan Cook and his band of merry … band members, for dress rehearsal. Ryan and the gang will be travelling the maritimes throughout the Summer/Fall 2019. You can catch all of Ryan’s shows by visiting his website.

Ryan Cook and Sunny Acres

The Dirty Nil/Monster Truck/Billy Talent

Monday night I was fortunate to shoot at the Scotiabank Centre once again for another show of ear bleeding, blow off the roof CanRock featuring The Dirty Nil, Monster Truck and Billy Talent.

I love the local scene in Halifax.  Always a good crew to shoot with!

Here is just a couple shots from the show…

Dirty Nil, Monster Truck, Billy Talent

Bear River Guitar Works

Today was a good day.

I have some pretty amazing and fantastic friends.  I am happy to say that George Rizsanyi is one of those fine gentlemen.  Today I dropped off new guitar labels to George, and after months and months (and months) of talking about it, I finally dove head first into learning something new, how to build an acoustic guitar.

I already have a custom Rizsanyi electric guitar, but I always wanted an acoustic guitar to learn how to play.  George was gracious enough to offer me his services and teach me how to build my own.  Today, under his tutelage, I began my OOO.  The front is red spruce and the back and sides will be butternut.  While beginning my guitar, I learned a couple things:

  •  The wood is cut like a book.  Two pieces, are opened like a book, so that the grains mirror on the guitar.  When you accidentally glue and cut out the front face of the guitar without the wood being opened up like a book (flipping around one of the pieces in error), you won’t get that mirrored look, but that just adds to the uniqueness of it, RIGHT???!!!
  • Sanding machines DO need to be tightened a little bit at a time, or you will spend 30 minutes passing your wood through to get VERY little sanding done.
  • I am petrified of band saws.  Not only because I am afraid of making a mistake and ruining my hard work, but I am kind of a klutz, and I like my fingers.

This is just the beginning of a new adventure for me.  I LOVE learning new things and I am blessed to have a true gifted talent like George to show me the trade.

Check out George’s work at

Bear River Guitar Works – George Rizsanyi

It’s all about the friends…

As I sit in my office, getting ready to start my day, I reflect on how far I have come the past 5 years.

What was initially just a hobby, taking my camera wherever they would allow me, shooting from wherever I could in the crowd, has evolved into media passes, working closely with Live 105 Halifax, shooting whatever show they can get me in.  To say I love shooting live bands would be an understatement.  It is what drives me.  When I can get in front of that stage, with my camera, I enter my zone.  I have met so many amazing people, worked on improving my photographic skills, and have enjoyed every single opportunity I have been provided.

There are too many friends to mention. All of the people I have met in the past 5 years have left an undeniable imprint on my life, and I am thankful.

The shot above I took last year for Live 105, on the roof of their station.  Friends come and go, but these memories will live forever!  Jess Wollis, Sean Lawson, Brad Legere and Brian Byrne.  Each of you have become my friend, and I will hold those friendships dear to my heart.