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Today was a good day.

I have some pretty amazing and fantastic friends.  I am happy to say that George Rizsanyi is one of those fine gentlemen.  Today I dropped off new guitar labels to George, and after months and months (and months) of talking about it, I finally dove head first into learning something new, how to build an acoustic guitar.

I already have a custom Rizsanyi electric guitar, but I always wanted an acoustic guitar to learn how to play.  George was gracious enough to offer me his services and teach me how to build my own.  Today, under his tutelage, I began my OOO.  The front is red spruce and the back and sides will be butternut.  While beginning my guitar, I learned a couple things:

  •  The wood is cut like a book.  Two pieces, are opened like a book, so that the grains mirror on the guitar.  When you accidentally glue and cut out the front face of the guitar without the wood being opened up like a book (flipping around one of the pieces in error), you won’t get that mirrored look, but that just adds to the uniqueness of it, RIGHT???!!!
  • Sanding machines DO need to be tightened a little bit at a time, or you will spend 30 minutes passing your wood through to get VERY little sanding done.
  • I am petrified of band saws.  Not only because I am afraid of making a mistake and ruining my hard work, but I am kind of a klutz, and I like my fingers.

This is just the beginning of a new adventure for me.  I LOVE learning new things and I am blessed to have a true gifted talent like George to show me the trade.

Check out George’s work at

Bear River Guitar Works – George Rizsanyi

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